Often asked


How do we order a cake from you?

Please email us at info@mamiebrougitte.com or telephone us at 631.765.7667 and we shall get back to you posthaste!


How much time in advance should I order my cake(s)?

We only take as many orders as we can handle so that we can give very specific attention to each client. Each cake is tailored to complement the client's vision, as we work intimately, one-on-one. We request at least three (3) weeks' time, or more due to the limited amount of orders per month we can handle in this fashion.


How do you decorate your cakes?

We use a wide variety of special skills to create one-of-a-kind food art. We specialize in sugar flowers, edible lace, work with rice paper, and hand-painting. We do not drape our cakes in fondant as we love for them to taste as good as they look.


Indeed! We are happy to set up a meeting or a call to discuss flavors.

Do you offer tasters?


In our initial discussion, we will review some questions to get a rough idea of your ideal cake. Please feel free to provide pictures, Pinterest boards, color palettes, flower designs, venues, anything you think that can help us understand your vision. A few sketches will then be sent to you, for you to process, make adjustments, give notes. We will then continue working until you are completely satisfied with the desired design.

How can I prepare for a
design meeting?


We are insanely picky about our ingredients. We source from local farms, florists, small businesses. And, we make a lot of our own: butter, cream cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, vanilla extract.

what ingredients do you use?


Our cake prices shall be determined on the number of servings and intricacy of design. What also informs the price of the cakes is the extreme high quality of the ingredients (including homemade ones), delicious one-of-kind flavor combinations, and Mamie Bougitte’s unique decorative style. The final quote will include tasters, a design meeting, the cake, and delivery/shipping. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

how do you price your cakes?