What is a Mamie Brougitte cake?

A cake from Mamie Brougitte is a custom-designed, artistic cake baked by us. We do not coat our cakes in fondant, but do use it for decorative elements, such as sugar flowers, molds, tiles, and the like. 

How do we order a cake from you?

Please email us at info@mamiebrougitte.com or telephone us at 631.765.7667 and we will get back to you posthaste!

How much time in advance should I order my cake(s)?

We only take as many orders as we can handle, so that we give very specific attention to each client. Each cake is tailored to complement the client's vision, as we work intimitely, one-on-one. We request at least three (3) weeks' time, or sooner due to the limited amount of orders per month we can handle in this fashion.

How do you decorate your cakes?

We use a wide variety of special skills to create one-of-a-kind food art. We specialize in sugar flowers, edible lace, work with rice paper, and hand-painting. We do not drape our cakes in fondant as we love for them to taste as good as they look.

Do you offer tasters?

Indeed! We are happy to set up a meeting and provide you with a variety of flavors of your choosing. We ask for a small fee, and this amount will be deducted from your final quote shoud you decide to move forward with our services. Please contact us to set up a tasting! 

Where are you located?

We are based in the Berkshires, MA and Brooklyn Heights, NY. We deliver nationally and internationally. Please contact us to inquire about the procedure and quotes.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, in order to confirm your order and date of delivery, we will need to receive a 50% deposit. 

How can I prepare for a design meeting?

Upon contacting us, we will be in touch with questions to get a rough idea of your dream cake. Please feel free to provide pictures, Pinterest boards, color palettes, flower designs, venues, anything you think that can help us understand your vision. Then, we will set up a design meeting/conference call. A few sketches will then be sent to you, for you to process, make adjustments, give notes. We will then continue working until you are completely satisfied with the desired design.

Will my cake look exactly like the final sketch?

For the most part, absolutely! It is important to understand though, that this particular form of pastry making is a very creative process. Think of it as you are ordering a commissioned piece of art that you will then eat! So there is always the possibility that we will decide to add in a flower or two if deemed  necessary (and when is an extra flower NOT necessary?!). 

What flavours do you offer?

We have a long menu that will be discussed during the design meeting. To spark your palate, please click here.

What ingredients do you use?

We are insanely picky about our ingredients. We source from local farms, florists, small businesses. And, we make a lot of our own: butter, cream cheese, sour cream, buttermilk and vanilla extract. This process adds on a lot of extra hours into making a single cake, but it’s worth our time because we want the cakes to be delicious! 

How do you price your cakes?

Our cake prices shall be determined on the number of servings and intricacy of design. What also informs the price of the cakes is the extreme high quality of the ingredients (including homemade ones), delicious one-of-kind flavor combinations, and Mamie Bougitte’s unique decorative style. The final quote will include tasters, a design meeting, the cake, and delivery/shipping. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

How big is a wedding cake slice?

A wedding cake slice is about half the size of a normal slice of cake. Most of our cakes are 3 layers high, making each slice about 4 in/10 cm tall and .5 in/1.25 cm wide. 

What is a Mamie Brougitte?

Mamie Brougitte is Marion’s French grandmother. “Mamie”, meaning grandma in French. Brougitte was what Marion called her when she was little as she had trouble saying her name, Brigitte. Mamie Brougitte passed in 2004, and left Marion with a huge passion for dessert making as she had been teaching her the skills from as young as when Marion was 3 years old. So the company is a dedication to the very much missed, Mamie Brougitte.


If we didn't answer your question, feel free to reach out to us at info@mamiebrougitte.com or +(631) 765 7667.