for extraordinary occasions


Mamie Brougitte Cakes offers a service elite artistic cakes, with an unmistakeable visionary aesthetic. Each cake is tailored to reflect the client's taste, and is delicately baked with the most natural and local ingredients. Mamie Brougitte works intimately with each client to create a memorable cake to complement any event.

Your Mamie Brougitte cake flavor is only limited by your last brainstorm! Here are some recent combinations to inspire:

apple olive oil cake with a whiskey soak and roasted pear filling, topped with buttercream frosting

walnut brown butter cake with a coffee cream filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting

chocolate cake with a hazelnut spread filling and a chocolate frosting

carrot cake with red wine cranberry sauce and fresh cream cheese cinnamon frosting

chocolate brandy cake candied ginger bits and a vanilla bean frosting filling and topping

buttermilk cake with a gingerbread syrup soak and a salted caramel filling topped with buttercream frosting