Photo by Pauline Rey

Photo by Pauline Rey

Marion Attal

Marion is the founder and primary baker for Mamie Brougitte Cakes. Mamie Brougitte was her grandmother; a woman of elegance and intelligence, she brought her gourmandise, as the French say, to life. Her days in diapers were her first in the kitchen. Climbing up on her countertop for culinary teachings, Mamie’s lessons are the main ingredients in all of Marion’s recipes. 

French-born and American-raised, Marion has been baking for years: working at the famous Brooklyn bakery One Girl Cookies, training with world-renowned cake artist Maggie Austin, among others. Curated from her childhood and her travels, each eclectic edible is lovingly homemade from farm fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.

Amy Wowak

Amy is head of operations for Mamie Brougitte Cakes. She hails from a small farm on the North Fork of Long Island where she grew up eating farm-to-table. This informed her love of simple ingredients, crackerjack home cooking, and promoting small businesses.

Amy worked as an electrician, independent theatre producer, and designer for years, and has been a baker since childhood, recently studying under the tutelage of the distinguished Maggie Austin. The principles that craft the mission of Mamie Brougitte Cakes are the same with which she was raised; she is pleased to be part of it.